Friday Tunesday / #CrimsonDiary


Crimson Diary stay in city through simply and easy tunes between the dark postrock in their second full album. This Malang alternative rock unit keep the spirit to always share the daily feeling into music since we grow and climb the wall in high school. But the recent work more special with the artsy A5 diary as cd case. Blank space inside are left after the lyrics and artwork that spread face to face in one page.

The atmosfer concept throw my mind away into the past cd release from some players, let see, Hectic or Fan, in the same way tried to sing a lot about dark and cold britrock before they off. Then in 2009 the guys hang around together again in Crimson Diary formation.

“Freja” is the one of warmer track’s that tell us about how somebody trying to protect and support the “loved one” (it may distinguishable in many forms) for the best tomorrow. In the other hand, I guessing that “Misty Night” was performed by Robert Smith in the dark stage.

Catchy packaging, lovely tracks, and bunch of an efforts to let the audience’s emotion in, are doubtless keywords why this one worth to be your soundtrack inside your ride in the middle of the night. Why you don’t try ?