Friday Tunesday / #Mooner


Oh poor me, the CD just landed on our hq’s desk this morning. The handsome cat on the cover see me angry. Well, Mooner, Tabiat, played proudly. When the fifth track hit the sound, I though I was laying in the middle of faded “grasses” in the late of sixties first Woodstock show. The sound atmosphere rewind my visual memory about free generation, anti-Vietnam-war movement, undressed-long hair youngman (but no doubt this one dressed very well), and washed green jacket with bell-bottom jeans. My presumption not really wrong then, the band write it on the black hole cover’s sticker; “If you like Blue Cheers, Flower Travellin’ Band, or 70’s underground hard rock with a hint of ethnic melodies, this record is for you.”

Surely for us.

Mooner, we thought, is part of collecting human alter-ego effort in a good way. Again, we cited from the sticker, Mooner is “Hard Psych Rock from Absar (The Slave), Tama (Sigmun), Rekti (The Sigit), and Shella (Sarasvati)”.

A big bang!

We’d soo much in love with harsh senses from the whole CD’s paper material. When you touch the surface, it’s little bit like a holding an old magazine or the rare postcard with personal handwriting from the fifties. Die Grey in cover design and Lana Leap for inside works succed brings felling spinning in the air.

Enjoy Mooner for #FridayTunesday!