Friday Tunesday / #SCALLER


Yes, because everybody today listen to SCALLER, so do we start to play it softly. This self-released ‘Senses’ album released in 1 January 2017, fireworks must be roll out the carpet. Our fav’s is ‘The Youth’, Reney Karamoy procrastinate the intro and lifting up the movement with guitar, right at 01.19 Stella Gareth voice embrace our rooms gently. Scream-gently. “The youth keep trying to break the fall”, it’s intimate, very us. But you can’t sing a long the lyric from the CD, they just appeared on We also very love the blue theme of artwork and packaging by Novan V Adikresna. But to get close with the understanding may take time, so many are implied between the sign and color. People in darken shape, something floating around the trees beneath the misty hill. Are they lost?

After all we just can’t play this softly anymore!